Ancient Architecture

Up we go


India Bi-Plane

An amazing bi-plane sitting inside the old Maharaja’s palace in Baikener India. Just looking at it’s build quality makes you wonder how it could carry two men and ammunition. These were truly brave airmen.

Now I’m on a Bollywood Set

The Girls at Rest

The Girls Waiting Patiently

Another day in the heat of Rajasthan, India, more visits to temples, palaces and street markets. The heat takes its toll, so the girls take the chance to take some rest while the old fella carries on taking photographs 🙂


Darkness and Light

Squares and Rectangles

Like a Pencil Sketch ?

under Lock and Key

Passages of Time


Three + Two


Stained Glass

Secret Window

Exotic Fruits

Indoor Swing


A work of art. stunningly beautiful indoor swing made for the Princes and Pincess’s of the palace.

Story Telling Doors

Marble Archway

Intricate Detail

Stunning Beauty

Narrow Door

Lord Rama

Blue and White Shrine

blue and white shrine

A beautiful shrine to one of the gods, sorry I don’t know which 😦 The stunning colours and attention to detail is just magnificent 🙂

Cream and Green

Blue and White

Magnificent Maharaja’s Palace

One of the inner courtyards of a Maharaja’s Palace in Baikaner, Rajasthan India. A stunningly beautiful building. I just could not decide which I liked best, the Black and White or the Colour !



Baikaner Door

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