Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my second blog ๐Ÿ™‚ My first blog http://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.comย is a blog containing images I take and have taken in China; they are images of people and places in China the country that I live in and have lived in for the past ten years or so. I have a strong following on โ€˜Reflections of Chinaโ€™ and I did not want to alter the flow of that site by adding images that I take in other countries..I did try to add an additional page then add images of other countries but it was clumsy, I had no ability to add tags or categories etc; so I decided to take the big leap and open a second blog….So here we are, here is โ€˜moreimagesfrommeโ€™ my second photo blog, this site will be dedicated to images I take or have taken in ‘Other Countries’, not in China.
I do hope you like it here and you will decide to follow and take the journey with me for a sneak peek at other parts of the world..’Through English Eyes’
Thanks and Regards

45 thoughts on “About

  1. i think this is and will be a beautiful space for what you intend to do. you can add each site to your blog roll.

    David in Maine USA

    • Thanks David, I will do my best and enjoy the creation step by step. I’m very new to blogging and not so sure or knowledgeable about the technology and set-up yet. Photography is a passion and it takes me far away from my every day.


  2. Good to see your new blog the first images posted are beautiful ! well done. I look forward to more images from around the world…
    You could add a link to the address of your reflections of China awesome blog and of course from that blog to here. The address is given above but you havn’t put a link on it . Regards Tanya.

      • so…. go onto your ‘ About page’ and click edit , or go through the dashboard… then highlight your URL address in your text and click the little link icon along the top of the page where you do the writing.. it will then put a direct link to that address, your viewers will find it easier to get to your new blog site… good luck ! cheers Tanya

  3. Hi Mark, I’m really glad you added the links to your blogs, I’m following both now. The images from China I just love. Some wonderful shots. Images from around the world, are super. The composition & detail in the black & whites are amazing. The basket image is outstanding. I’m going to enjoy these sites.

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    • Dear ahecticlife,
      Thank you so much for nominating me for the Blog of the Year Award, it is truly appreciated and I thank you for following my work. I will not continue through with the process due to the time required to complete the nomination and follow up process. I have received many nominations in the past so made a conscious decision not to accept any more nominations. I do hope you understand?

      Thank you again.



  5. I truly enjoyed visiting your blog. You have some really nice photography here. Most of all, I like your header. Clear and brilliant.
    Enjoy your weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Greetings from the Fra North

  6. Well, Mark…after reading all the other comments you’ve received I’m at a loss to be able to actually add anything new! This is my first visit to your blogs although it certainly will not be my last. I’ve enjoyed your China photos, the lovely views of Nature and, OMGosh! I dearly love the Red shots!!!

    Although I’m no expert, nor do I even consider myself an amateur photographer (though I have been known to take 100 shots of one single sunrise or sunset!), I do know beauty when I see it and I have been thoroughly entranced by your work. I do hope you don’t mind if I reference your site often on several of my own.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world!

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