View from our balcony Udaipur, India


We just arrived in Udaipur after a three and a half hour drive from Jodhpur, we spent two days in Jodhpur and visited some nice places there. The drive to Udaipur was great, about an hours drive through the desert followed by two and a half hours through some beautiful green and very lush mountains, with some fantastic little villages filled with farm houses, smiling children and the most beautiful coloured Sari’s ( ladies traditional dresses) everywhere. We stopped off a couple of times to visit some incredible old temples in the mountains, to watch the monkeys and eat another great Indian lunch.

Udaipur looks very different from what we have seen so far in Rajesthan, it’s green, mountainous and very beautiful, so tomorrow were off to visit some more great Forts, Temples and off boating on the lake.

Namaste from India


2 thoughts on “View from our balcony Udaipur, India

  1. Udaipur is a lovely place and not overwhelmed by traffic like other places. Did you visit the winter palace on that hill top. We stayed in the house of the cousin of the Maharaja where he introduced us to the music of Lata Mangeshkar. Memories…. Thanks for awakening them Mark.

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