From Bikaner to Jaisalmer


The trip from Bikaner to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan India took us about 6.5 hours by our trusty Mahindra 4×4 car. The trip was crazy to say the least and we came across many road accidents along the way, mostly due to crazy driving and lack of concentration, speeding on very bumpy roads and of course coming across cows, bulls donkeys or camels in the road when you least expect to see them!

The desert roads can be lonely at times and also very busy too, the road is good for most of the way and the scenery changes constantly but in the main it’s sand, thorn bushes and thorn trees and no water to be seen anywhere. We went through many small villages along the way and each time we were greeted by happy, smiling children looking to say hello and get a tip or some sweets from passing strangers, these villages reminded me of Africa, huts made from mud and camel dung, roofs made of tree branches and corals made from thorn bushes to keep out the unwanted animals.

Wow, it’s hotter than hell here, it’s 47c and you can feel the sun burning into your skin, the desert certainly takes no prisoners, but Jaisalmer, what a wonderful place, we will stay three days here and enjoy the Fort, the bazaars, the desert camel rides to watch the sun setting and to generally chill out and soak up the spirituality that Rajasthan and India has to offer us.

Many photos to follow in the coming weeks, this shot was taken with my IPad so sorry for the quality.

Namaste from India


One thought on “From Bikaner to Jaisalmer

  1. So nice to hear from you from my own country! Yes,Indian traffic can be complete shocker for any outsider! You chose the worst season to be in India. Happy that you liked Jaisalmer.

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