This was the very first picture I took with my Leica M9 and a series of three. I had just flown back to the UK from Shanghai for Christmas 2010 and collected the new camera from the dealer in London that very morning. It was a daunting process because I have always used SLR’s and Medium format cameras so this was my very first experience with a rangefinder.
I was one of the lucky travelers that Christmas because the majority of flights into and out of London Heathrow had been cancelled causing a back log of people needing to fly, my flight was the only flight to get through in over a week’s flight cancellations due to the sprinkling of snow that closed Heathrow that year.

4 thoughts on “Sheep

    • Hi David, thanks for taking the time to comment, it is really appreciated 🙂

      Actually, when i first viewed this image I called it “Is that a M9 your using” because it was the intensity of the sheeps eyes watching me take the picture 🙂

      Regards Mark

    • It does handle the light very well and I’m very happy with it. I constantly switch between cameras especially between digital and film. I feel truly thankful and grateful that my working life so far has given me the opportunity to purchase a few cameras and enjoy life with them all 🙂

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